Press Release for SOHO20 gallery:

This series of paintings are made up of the effects of peeled layers of paint, paper and wood veneer from the surface of wood panels. Instinctively attracted to visual order, Fischetti often grounds her work in the structure of the grid, while creating tension within the compositional elements. This work operates in two parts: one more rigid, using strips of wood veneer as the foundation, and one more organic, constructed from paper on wooden panels. Both bodies of work are activated by ruptures on their surface, ranging from timid gestures of disturbance to full violent fractures.

For Fischetti, disruptions in the sanctity of the grid stem from the instability bred from living within a volatile political system, both within our country and in the world around us. She sees this tension at a breaking point, in desperate need of a release valve, which emerges in the subtle violence seeping through each work’s surface. Within the openings revealed by each rupture, we see surfaces varied in their richness and texture, indicative of the complexity and excessive absurdity of our current political landscape. Fischetti attempts to counteract these disturbances in the way she compositionally reconciles the parts to the whole. Although each rupture is a facet of the surface’s landscape, it is the whole, she hopes, that ties everything together.